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2013 Issues

February 2013

I'll Never Stop Loving You, Leah, Ms. Qatang Blues, Shiny Stockings 1, Shiny Stockings 2, Stars Fell on Alabama, Ergo The Ergo

May 2013

Lush Life - Dr. Brandon Bernstein, Doll Invention - Peter Rogine, Doll Invention (with click track) - Peter Rogine, Afore the Wind - Joe Giglio

August 2013

All the Things Your Are - Joe Negri, Avalon - Vince Lewis, Ed's BeBop Head - Joe Giglio

November 2013

April Showers - Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo, Gentle Rain - Howard Alden, Baby Won't You Please Come Home - Vince Lewis